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  • Amy Konarzycki

New Year Refresh

Here are three very simple ways to bring new energy into 2020 and leave behind whatever is not serving you in 2019.

Even though 2019 ends on a Tuesday, and 2020 starts on a Wednesday (meaning that it’s just another day), the New Year holds symbolic significance for starting anew. The holidays shared with family, friends and loved ones are coming to a close, and it can be a time to reflect on the past year and to consider goals and wishes for the year ahead.

1. Out with the Old

Clearing out can be done by getting rid of things that don’t need to be brought into 2019 - whether that’s objects, clutter, relationships, thoughts, or behaviours. Take stock of what’s working and what’s not working and gracefully donate or throw out that which will not serve you in the new year. Marie Kondo talks about “thanking” what we are getting rid of which ensures we’re being mindful and not disposing of things we might come to miss.

2. New Things!

As much as throwing things out is helpful, bringing in new items and ideas can be just as refreshing. A new plant or cut branches, a found object, or something special you’ve been thinking about buying for yourself just because can do a lot to bring about good feelings. It could also mean introducing a new activity that you haven’t tried before, or planning a trip to visit a new place. It's the little things that tend to go a long way.

3. Cleansing

Sageing is a beautiful ceremonial way to eliminate negative energies. To do this effectively, light the sage, blow out the flame and let it start to smoke. Go around the whole place (including closets & corners), all while thinking good thoughts and graciously asking stagnant energy to say "Sayonara!" and move on. It can be a lot of smoke so it’s important to have the windows open during. You can sage yourself too and let the smoke gently wash over you.

Bonus tip: Burning palo santo is also a grounding scent which can maintain a good energy throughout the year. Just make sure you’re getting your natural products from a reputable source that treats them with a sacred touch.

I try not to get too caught up in the pressure of having everything figured out for the 1st. Yes, it’s a new year, but every day brings a fresh start to try something new to help make your life better!

Cheers to a beautiful 2020 and being conscious about what we bring into the home.



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