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In the case that you are not looking for full-service design and consider yourself more of the DIY type, we offer a standalone consultation.

This is an on-site working meeting in your home up to two hours long that allows us to discuss your design challenges and wish list, providing expert feedback and solutions all while helping you avoid costly mistakes.

Every consultation is unique and tailored to your needs. We provide on the spot professional advice and expertise related to:


  • space planning 

  • paint colour selections

  • furniture, wall treatment, and window treatment ideas

  • review of materials/products you are considering

  • realistic discussion of investment and timelines

  • recommendations for products and suppliers

  • solutions to other design questions or challenges you may be facing

Our favourite thing to hear during a consultation, which we ALWAYS hear, is: "Oh wow. I never would have thought of that on my own!"

Ready to work with us? Visit our CONTACT page to learn more.

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