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  • Amy Konarzycki

My favourite places to look for Antiques

Ahhh, is there anything like the smell of old stuff?

Antiques, vintage, old things, whatever you want to call them, do so much to bring character, history and warmth to a home. Striking the perfect mix of modern with vintage is a fine balancing act, but can be achieved with some well-intentioned editing.

I’m sharing some of my favourite spots to look for vintage pieces locally and a few out-of-town locations too.

For a local pick, the St. Lawrence Sunday Antique Market is a laid-back destination for spending a morning or afternoon. There tends to be a lot of smaller items like jewelry, glassware, books, and art. The market isn’t huge but there’s so much to see that you can do the rounds a couple of times over and discover something new each time.

Smash Salvage used to be local to Toronto in the Junction but recently moved shop to Hamilton. They post a lot of their items on instagram too, but you better be quick on the trigger-finger because those items get marked *SOLD* pretty quickly. Plenty of antique rugs, old lights (that have been rewired) and apothecary pieces. Diane Keaton is rumoured to have purchased a salvaged wooden library ladder from here.

A little outside of Toronto, in Elora, you can find LemonTree + co. run by Sophia who is always out bringing back (new) old things to sell in her sweet shop. Look here for crocks, wooden benches, and beautiful restored hutches often in collaboration with Epoque Salvage.

For more of a large outdoor-market feel, Aberfoyle is open seasonally near Guelph and is full of curiosities. My mom and I spent a rainy morning there and were each drawn to different things. The prices were reasonable and even still the vendors seemed open to haggling.

Twice a year, the Christie Antique Show graces Christie Lake Conservation Area, once in the spring and once in the fall. It is super busy but there are always lots of parking attendants to keep things moving. Some of the pieces carry a higher price tag since it’s a show, but you can find tons of bigger items like furniture and a lot of cool Canadiana relics.

The last one on my list that I have not attended/attempted yet but looks like a dream is Brimfield in Massachusetts. Pictured above is Designer Emily Henderson and her crew - now they know how to antique! I definitely need to do some more research on this one as I think you really need to pull out the big guns and plan your attack for this market.

The biggest piece of advice is Listen to your gut! If you think you’ll regret not buying something, you probably will, and chances are someone else will seize the opportunity and scoop it up by the time you come back for it.

If this overwhelms you and you just want someone to add that history and warmth into your place without you having to do all the sourcing, get in touch and let’s talk about how we can help you achieve your home goals.



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