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  • Amy Konarzycki

Spring pillow refresh

Sometimes all it takes to freshen up your home for spring is new pillows! I recently refreshed our bed and sofa with cushions from two of my favourite stores: V de V and Tonic Living.

Here's what we got:

For the bed...

This lumbar pillow is the perfect size (32"W x 15"H) to place centred in front of a stack of standard sleeping pillows. It looks like it's out of stock online 🥺 but here are some similar ones that I also like:

- This one has a little more of a country appeal, and similar dimensions at 31"W x 14"H.

- If you're OK with a floral pattern, (why wouldn't you be?), this one has a classic look in soft neutral tones and is a good size at 31"W x 14"H.

For the sofa...

This pillow adds gorgeous texture to the mix with its relaxed-feeling imperfect stripes. It's on the small side at 17"W x 17"H and fits in nicely with the larger pillows.

I never met a stripe I didn't like. This 20" x 20" pillow is a gorgeous earthy plum colour. This one feels so fresh, and the white contrasts nicely with the creamy tones of the pillow above.

I love how the checkered look provides a small-scale pattern to the grouping. This 20" square cushion is shown in dark green but we got the blue version which is very close in colour.

This little linen number is a beautiful dusty rose colour that ties in nicely with the others and brings a different shape at 24"W x 16"H.

In addition to all these colourful beauties, we have two larger 22" x 22" neutral pillows with a leather trim that ground the mix. And yes, these are all on one 7'L sofa!

My designer trick for pillow fills is this: get the faux down pillow inserts from Tonic Living. They are the only ones we will use for our clients as they are great for allergy-sufferers and have an amazingly luxurious feel to them.

Also, size up! If your pillow cover is 20" square, go for a 22" pillow insert to get that full and fluffy look.

If you want more pillow options, check out some of our other favourite places to source:

Danielle Oakey - tons of beautiful hand-blocked prints, lots of florals

Rug & Weave - plenty of vintage-inspired and custom feeling designs

Happy shopping!



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