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  • Amy Konarzycki

Top 5 Picks: Leanne Ford x Crate & Barrel

Run, don't walk, to Crate & Barrel!

The design darling, Leanne Ford, who you may recognize from TV's Restored by the Fords has just launched her own furniture line with Crate & Barrel and it is real good.

Keep reading for my top 5 picks from this collection.

Bedroom design

Canopy bed meets arches - need I say more? The lines are soft with a feminine quality that's balanced out by hard steel structural elements. I would love to use this bed as a jumping off point to design a room around.

bachelor interior design

What I love about this chair is that it's interesting from all angles. There's nothing worse than walking into a room and seeing the back of a chair that is blah. The rhythm of the cane brings its own energy to a space.

toronto designer

The concrete-style material of this table is what really sings. It's a smart way to add some texture to break up an upholstery-heavy room.

bachelor pad furniture

The solid look of the Tom table will ground a living space with its three cylinder legs in a rich charcoal colour that feel weighty in a good way.

custom furniture toronto

This bench looks custom-made which is a plus. Its silhouette is very on-trend right now but it echoes vintage furniture from the 70s, so I wouldn't worry about it going out of style. Yes, it's white(!) -- but it's stain-repellent cotton so no need to fuss.

toronto interior designer
young toronto condo designer

Usually there is one colourway of a rug that really stands out as the winner, but I would be happy to use either one of these; they're both gorgeous!

You can check out the rest of the collection here.

Happy shopping!


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