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  • Amy Konarzycki

Escapism: Santa Monica Proper Hotel

Since we won't be travelling anytime soon, I thought why not dive into the Kelly Wearstler-designed Santa Monica Proper Hotel along the California coast and start daydreaming about a next vacation.

Kelly's style is bold, saturated, celebrates contrast, plays with pattern and form, as well as pulls into question proportion and scale. I would go as far as saying it's Alice in Wonderland-esque at times, but always done tastefully and surprisingly.

What a welcome greeting in the reception area with all those curves

The perfect reading room

The chairs, the wood paneling, the art... Kelly knows how to move your eye around a room.

When every seat is "the good seat"

Earthy tones in the bedroom

The magic in the mix of natural materials

1920s exterior

Outdoor pool lounge featuring warm wood tones and lush greenery

The power of repetition

A spot to post up in all day and night

And the views go on for miles...

Design: Kelly Wearstler

Photography: The Ingalls

Images c/o: Santa Monica Proper Hotel

Happy dreaming up your next vacation!



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