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  • Amy Konarzycki

Favourite fall things

Favourite fall things apple picking
Ripe for the pickin'

Fall - the season of winding down and getting ready for spending lots more time indoors than usual. We all know winter is slowly but surely coming - autumn gives us a chance to try to embrace the colder temperatures, get cozy, and transition into hibernation mode. Here are a few of my favourite things to help ease into the season:

Paine’s cedar incense - Amp up the cozy factor with these all natural incense cones made of real dried and pressed red cedar. Burn one in the morning to permeate through your home and put you in a good mood. A really good mood.

Blacksaw Peyote throw - This reversible blanket does double duty as a throw or as a wall hanging. Made of 100% Alpaca, it’s the softest thing you’ve ever felt.

Pendleton chair - a collaboration between Pendleton Woolen Mills and Gus* Modern, this chair that's equal parts cool and comfortable is a perfect spot for enjoying a morning coffee or winding down the evening with a good book and beverage.

Aesop Hwyl - Smoke, forest, earth: these are the notes in the unisex eau de parfum. It lingers without being overpowering and is a welcome woodsy scent for colder days.

west elm Split Circle pillow - Sometimes getting into fall can be as easy as changing up a couple of accessories in your home to bring in some new energy. You don’t necessarily need to go dark and moody on your decor - the lightness of these pillows still rings true to the season and keeps things fresh.

Happy hibernating!



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