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  • Amy Konarzycki

7 Inspiring Offices

I've rounded up 7 inspiring offices that will hopefully drum up some motivation while we're all working from home, making the best of our current situations.

With any luck, these spaces won't make you feel worse about your kitchen table set-up, and instead will inspire you to shake things up to make your work-from-home life feel better. Or keep everything as is and simply enjoy this two-minute distraction from your to-do list. ;)

1. Parade Home Office

There is something about a moody office that says, "Work, with a side of scotch." Is that a dark mahogany desk?

Studio McGee nailed it with the deep tones, pink rug and brass hardware, injecting some feminine spirit into an otherwise masculine space.

The framed constellation map allows for some perspective.

Design by Studio McGee

2. Hotel Le Toiny, St. Barth

This is actually a reception desk at Hotel Le Toiny in St. Barth, and not technically an office, but let's just file it under office.

It's so light and beachy, and full of texture courtesy of the beautiful art piece by Fenella Elms.

The monochromatic space keeps interest flowing through repetition of the orchids. And the perfect symmetry contributes to the relaxed feel.

Design by Osborn Interiors

3. Apparatus Studio, NYC

I got to visit this studio last time I was in New York. It belongs to Gabriel Hendifar, the owner of Apparatus Studio, and is in the same building where their entire edgy lighting collection is made.

The blushed out, neutral, tones play together well with the hits of brass and dark bronze.

Photo from LA Gent

4. Kourtney K's Home Office

I don't typically like gallery walls, but I'm enjoying this one - the mix of black and white prints with the bold colour in the centre.

The rich tone of the hardwood is welcoming, with the floor pattern coming to a point in the centre of the room amping up the energy of the space.

And a fireplace in the office? A must have.

Design by Martyn Lawrence Bullard

Photo by Roger Davies

5. Brooklyn Lookout

This nook is perfect - don't try to tell me it's not.

At first, this location felt Parisian with the sprawling window and herringbone floors, but it's actually a Brooklyn townhouse owned by Atehna Calderone, the founder of popular lifestyle blog EyeSwoon.

This window seat is connected to the kitchen and the built-in desk is made of soapstone.

Design by Athena Calderone

6. Nantucket Dream

How could one not be productive in this space? I feel like even the most mediocre of talent could whip up a novel or screenplay with all of this coastal charm going on.

The exposed beams, wide plank oak floors, nautical art and natural materials create an encompassing sense of calm.

The restrained accessorizing of the built-ins proves the point that less is more.

Design by Cynthia Hayes Interior Design

7. Bookseller's Haven

What once was an empty warehouse is now a rare bookseller's dream office.

The vast collection of leather bound books is balanced by the hard finish of the black-framed steel windows and doors.

Bravo for having this many books not look messy or feel overwhelming - the uniform bindings help with that.

Design by Busatti Studio

That's it, that's all!

Hope you've enjoyed getting lost in some of these spaces like I did. Let me know which one is your favourite!

And then back to work. ;)



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